Are you struggling to find an ideal merchant processor account for your retail and online cigar sales? Tired of dealing with the rising costs of your current processor?  You’re not alone. Retail and online cigar and tobacco merchants find it increasingly difficult to combat rising service fees from their card processors.

Due to the nature of the Tobacco Industry and the stigma associated with tobacco sales, you may experience higher processing fees. Some merchant processing companies try to sugarcoat that their service fees will and do increase. Phrases like “flexible pricing plans” and “We take into consideration the amount of your chargebacks” are all designed to make you think they are on your side. But in the end, your service fees go up.

It’s also common for tobacco merchant processors to charge additional hidden fees that pop up even though you weren’t aware of them. Some may be justified, but others turn up simply because they believe you have no alternative.

If you think the answer to finding a merchant processor whose fees will never increase is, “when pigs fly,” just listen, and you’ll hear those little piggy wings flapping. There are actually a few reliable processors out there that state their service fee rates will never increase for the life of your merchant account. The best merchant processors rely on the superior quality of service paired with competitive rates, and they do not require contracts nor charge cancellation fees.

So, how can you locate the best merchant processors? One way to find a trusted payment processing solution is to look to industry associations to learn what solutions they recommend for their industry. For example, the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry. As the largest, most active, and longest-running trade association representing and assisting premium tobacco retailers, manufacturers, and industry partners, PCA has chosen to partner with Premium Tobacco Payment Processing (PTP). Associations like PCA know what their industry requires from solution providers and serve as a resource to help their respective sectors succeed.

By selecting a solution recommended or approved by an industry association, you will benefit as the association fights to protect their industry retailers’ profits and rights while ensuring continued protection of their ability to process payments.

At Premium Tobacco Payment Processing, our goal is to provide dependable, secure payment processing solutions that streamline your online sales and save you money by improving your efficiency. Our processor rates are guaranteed never to increase. And, we never require a contract nor charge a cancellation fee. As a proud partner of the Premium Cigar Association, PTP always negotiates the best payment processing rates for all PCA members. If you are ready to change processors or would like a free audit of your existing processor, call Premium Tobacco Payment Processing at (321) 972-9838.