Having trouble finding a reasonable merchant account for your retail and online cigar sales? Tired of dealing with the rising cost of your current processor? As a member of the Premium Cigar Association(PCA), you have a safe and affordable option to begin processing payments in as little as 24 hours.

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Save Time

From powerful integrations to convenient reporting. Our systems are designed to help streamline your operations resulting in improved efficiency and time saved.


As a trusted partner of the Premium Cigar Association, we specialize in providing tobacco merchants with dependable, secure e-commerce payment solutions.

Drive Revenue

As an industry leader, Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) provides merchant services at the best rates possible for tobacco vendors. Plus, our processor rates will never increase!


Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) is powered by Nuvo Merchant Services – The premier credit card processing company for several business verticals, including self-storage, furniture retailers, online retailers, and local retailers. The principals/partners of Nuvo have diverse business backgrounds, which include storage owners/operators, consumer product executives, and principals of buying group cooperatives.

The Nuvo Company’s combined client base totals more than 5,000 merchants and continues to grow. At Nuvo, we are committed to keeping our clients efficient through integrated, PCI-Compliant, and cost-effective payment solutions with bottom-line pricing.

As a partner of Premium Cigar Association(PCA), Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) offers the lowest processing rates for the industry. The rates and fees we offer to provide service are guaranteed never to increase. At PTP, we never require contracts. We believe in earning your business the old-fashioned way, each and every month.

Save time, money, & stress with our payment processing system

Payment Processing Solutions

Nuvo clients process in excess of 10,000,000 transactions, totaling more than $1.5 billion in processing volume per year.

Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) is refreshingly different. Our Virtual Terminal allows your customers to pay with credit, debit, or by check. Regardless, if your business is retail or online, you will have the confidence to process payments anywhere and everywhere. Most importantly, our Virtual Terminal is reliable and secure with minimal hassle.

Streamline Your

Online Sales

Has a processor ever shut off your online merchant account without reason or warning? Tired of searching for a tobacco-friendly processor willing to process your online sales?

Look no further! While online tobacco sales are considered “high risk” in the world of eCommerce, a stable processing solution is possible. Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) will approve merchant accounts for online tobacco sales! Furthermore, for Premium Cigar Association members PTP will cover your first-year MasterCard registration fee for card-not-present sales!

We Add To Your Bottom Line

Our goal is to save you money. We do this by improving your payment processing efficiency. More importantly, the combined buying power and diversity of our Nuvo partners allows Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) to negotiate the best rates available for Premium Cigar Association members.

Proud Partners Fighting To Protect Your Rights and Your Profits

Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP) partnership with the Premium Cigar Association(PCA) means your industry and your payments will be safe and secure. PTP will continuously update you on any changes regarding tobacco sales regulations as it pertains to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. This will ensure continued protection of your ability to process payments.

Service Is Our Priority

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by simplifying payment processing solutions, building strong client relations, and delivering maximum value. At Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP), our clients are our top priority.

Our Payment Products

As a client of Premium Tobacco Payment Processing(PTP), you can rest assured that your payment processing will remain secure and dependable for every credit card, debit card, electronic check,  gift card, and loyalty card you process. Our sole mission is to keep your payments secure, streamline operations, help your business thrive, and help you save money.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Quick, Easy Approval
  • Lowest Rates for the Tobacco Industry
  • No Processor Rate Increases
  • No Contracts
  • Online Merchant Account Approval
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Cloud-based Online Reporting
  • PCI Compliance Assistance
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Credit, Debit, and ACH Processing
  • Fully Integrated with most Point of Sale Systems

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